Monday, December 2, 2013

Sunday Snapshots (a day late)

So I'm such a loser that I missed blogging yesterday. It's been a busy week and I just didn't get to it. So today, you get a Snapshot Sunday and a Menu Monday! So I'm so sorry, but hopefully this will make it up to you.

Monday night was one of our best friend's birthday, so we had a nice dinner with him and his wife (one of my absolute best friends). It was so nice to have a couple's dinner and laugh about silly things (okay mostly make fun of me).

Wednesday afternoon E showed off his imagination...I went downstairs for five seconds and came back up to this crown and necklace outfit and him running around saying 'Me Princess E." Needless to say, after I laughed for a long time, I taught him that boys are princes. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and this was the best picture we got. We had a wonderful lunch at my grandparents with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. It reminded me that I am beyond thankful for such a wonderful family :)

Friday morning we stayed in our jammies for awhile and baked muffins...E is the ultimate stirer (okay he makes a total mess, but he loves it).

My brother, an amazing photographer ( took our Christmas card pictures on Thursday morning. E wasn't quite cooperative, but we got some great shots. It was freezing cold, so that didn't help matters. Pictures to come!

It's a tradition for Jon and me to decorate my grandma's house for Christmas. It's a lot of work to decorate anybody's house for Christmas, but we really love helping her out and E adores her. They played the piano together while we decorated. I'm so thankful that E has THREE great-grandmothers still living and one great-grandfather.

My favorite thing about holidays is that I have the chance to see wonderful friends that I grew up with. Laura. Allie and I had a nice lunch and went shopping afterwards. It was just like old times.

Sunday we decided to cut down a tree (pictures to come) and stop by and see Santa at the tree farm. Needless to say, E wanted nothing to do with Santa (he did give him a high-five) but this is as close as he got.

Hope those pics make up for my tardiness! See you tomorrow!


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